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Dog walking;  1 - 1  walk around your local area

Duration can be altered to suit your needs. Individual dog walks ensures your dog gets the attention and enrichment they deserve.

Pop - ins

Perfect for when you're out for the day for longer than you feel comfortable leaving your pet. We can visit your pets, let them out to toilet & feed if needed.

Doggy Day Trips 

We are the home of the Original Doggy Day Trip!

This unique service has been highly popular and needs to be booked in advance.

These trips are designed with your individual dog in mind, taking into account; fitness, drives and temperament. Filled with enrichment activities and games, our aim is to let your dog play out his natural desires in a safe and beautiful location, leaving your dog feeling fulfilled and tired out. I take plenty of photo's for you to enjoy, which are now available for you to order on canvas if you wish. For more info on our trips  CLICK HERE

Doggy Day Trips  - For Rescue Dogs


This service is highly popular and is arranged on a waiting list system. Our Doggy Day Trips can be purchased and gifted to a dog of your choice which is currently in local rescue kennels.  

Every dog gets a profile & write-up on their day and plenty of photo's, aiming to show the public their true nature instead of seeing them behind bars, hopefully attracting a potential forever home.

Most of these trips are bought by the public simply to treat the dog of their choice, whether they have behavioural issues and don't get to go for walks much, or if they are a long-termer, to improve their lives if they are unlikely to find a home any time soon.

Enrichment Visits

Although physical activity is very important for your dogs wellness, mental enrichment reduces stress, encourages them to learn more efficiently and leads to a more behaved, emotionally balanced, confident dog. please Get in touch for more info!

Doggy Day Excursion

This is an extended version of our Doggy Day Trips. (6h but can be adjusted to suit needs) These need to be booked in advance to ensure availability

Excursions have involved beach days and longer hikes. As with all our services, they are designed with the individual dog in mind, and will include plenty of mental enrichment for the less active.

Spaniel on a dog walk with shropshire canine in bridgnorth
Staffy on a doggy day trip with shropshire canine. The wrekin
Dog enjoying a walk with shropshire canine coalbrookdale
XL bully enjoying doggy day trip with shropshire canine. haughmond hill

Pet Sitting

We can look after you pets in their most comfortable environment: their home! Please get in touch  for more info.

Collies enjoying a walk by the river severn. Cressage
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