Meet The Team



First I would like you to meet our team member, my own mum, Vivienne! 


Mum... Sorry, Viv! Joined the team in July.

Who’s better to trust with your business than your own mum? Viv has 15+ years experience in the industry, she has already been on the majority of day trips with me, knows lots of the dogs we work with, volunteered with the Hilbrae dogs back in the day & is naturally amazing with dogs - especially gaining their trust. I have had no one else take care of my dogs when I’ve been away. 


On top of this, Viv's background includes working with race horses, living on farms with many different animals (pigs, horses, sheep) and is an experienced pet sitter, too.

Viv has had a number of different breeds of her own (Dobermann's, German Shepherds, Labradors to name a few) Most of which were rescued, and is very experienced.


Now Viv has Ted (Cocker spaniel x Poodle) & Nia (Beauceron) Nia came from Hilbrae, and after Nia had a near death experience, it became apparent that she suffers with Addison’s disease. Mum read up on addisons, as lots of vets don’t seem to understand it themselves too well, and she has become an expert in the field, with the vets now asking for her opinion! 



Paul has been part of the team for a few months now and has a great relationship with both clients and dogs. 

can't just trust anybody, with my name/logo/business. It doesn't make sense to me when other companies can employ people they have only just met. I need to see they're capable enough with dogs that i trust them with. I need to know they have the same mindset that I do. Thankfully I got lucky with Paul.

Paul and I had previously worked together at Hilbrae rescue kennels and we became great friends.  His dedication to the dogs and his passion to build bonds with them always stood out, and still does.

I have seen Paul work with lots of different breeds. He has owned and rescued many, including German Shepherds and English Bull Terriers, and today his baby is Casper the staffy who he adopted from Hilbrae. 



Sophie is our newest member of the team!

I worked with Sophie for years at Hilbrae Rescue kennels, witnessing her passion and dedication, and we have been good friends ever since. She is one of very few people I would trust with my company name and reputation. Sophie also does home checks and travel runs for Team Poundie dogs.

With ample experience with dogs, horses and poultry, Sophie is a real animal lover. Sophie was first noticed for her talent when gaining the trust of an Akita who was considered dangerous in kennels.

Sophie opens up more opportunity for us in the Shrewsbury area, Shawbury area, aswell as Telford too. Sophie’s first clients have already started to roll in, so do let us know sooner rather than later if you’d like any of our services. This goes for the rest of us too!