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Doggy Day Trips  

 In Detail

Dogs enjoying day out

We are the home of the Original Doggy Day Trip.

You can see a few clips from our trips HERE


This has become a very popular service of ours, whether it be for your pet or a dog in rescue kennels that you’ve chosen, we are proud to say we have waiting lists now (Thank you!)

Unsurprisingly, I have seen a number of people offering the same if not similar (they think) since we started.

However, I didn’t just wake up and think “I wanna take a dog on a long walk and maybe do a couple of enrichment activities” no, these trips are designed with the individual dog in mind. Their happiness in the experience is paramount.

Taking into consideration; the dogs’ personality, fitness, the dogs wants and needs, if said dog has any “issues”. The last thing I want to do is overload a dog with things he can’t cope with, and end up having a negative experience. It’s up to me, to make sure this doesn’t happen, and i also don't discriminate the dog that isn't "perfect".

Environment is the first thing that’s planned, beautiful landscapes that some people don't know exist, in the gorgeous Shropshire countryside - For excursions, we are able to travel further & have had beach trips or longer hikes.


For a dog who is reactive to animals or people - a quieter spot with plenty of opportunity to just “be a dog”, decompression walks, the chance to blast on a long-line and maybe a lake or river to splash though, sniffing to their nose’s content, lapping up the landscapes, new scents and terrain.  Enrichment at it's finest.


For the dog that loves to be fussed by everyone, and loves other dogs; this is where the more busier places are great. The chance to interact with a similar dog, be touched by the passers-by, maybe even meet a different species of animal. All this is done on the dogs terms, safely and calmly, to ensure a positive experience for the dog.

Throughout this time I’m learning more about this dog, what he’s interested most in, how he’s motivated. I want to make THAT happen. He loves food? He loves to sniff? Let’s hide some smelly treats. Let him sniff that rabbit hole, dig the mole hill. He likes to run to his hearts content, let’s get the long line on and give him that freedom. We positively reinforce the behaviour that he naturally displays in return. Resulting in a happy, fulfilled dog. 


On each of the day trips to date, I have felt a connection with every dog. Our bond grows and grows the more we learn about each other.

Every dog has their unique personalities, and letting them act out their desires, follow their instincts, that maybe every-day life would restrict them from, is the ultimate goal for me. This is why this service is one-to-one, because a group of dogs won’t all strive for the same experience. 

I prepare fresh peanut butter or natural yoghurt lickimatts to wind down with. Sometimes the dogs love them, other times they would rather do other things, the choice is theirs.


If you haven't seen my photos, take a look.  Our photos are now available to purchase on canvas due to positive demand.


I don't just take a quick few photo's of you dog - I try to capture the pure joy in their faces, the look of contentment & obviously the gorgeous surroundings (even on the rainy days!) I like to think the pictures speak for themselves. I aim to create more videos in the future.

For the Doggy day trips which are puchased and gifted to Rescue dogs, all of the above still applies. Along the way I'm assessing their temperament & thinking of their suitable home (Even the dogs I may already know) Again, my 4 years working in Rescue kennels gives me an advantage, as I know what to look for. Every dog gets a write-up and photos for their profile. I'm very proud to say they have caught the attention of several potential families and lead to their forever homes.

I hope going in to detail has explained what sets us apart from the other trips that are sprouting up. We are the home of the original Doggy day trips, they were my unique service, but I believe they still always will be, because what we truly do is not replicable.

- Cheryl xx

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