About me


A few of my most proudest achievements include:

Working with Bullseye, an American Bulldog who had been in kennels for years; and getting him rather famous. We appeared on BBC news twice, and also various radio, newspapers etc. I created him his own facebook page and people from all around the world started to follow his story and send him gifts; including Sarah Fisher, partner of Anthony Head, lead actor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Little Britain etc. 

For weeks upon end, Bullseye and I attended and completed a Certified and comprehensive dog training course to work on his issues. and I can proudly say, Bullseye is now in a loving home.

You can see Bullseye's BBC News link HERE


Since beginning as "Cheryl's Canine Enrichment" On my own, leading to "Shropshire Canine Enrichment" with a team of 3 other fantastic people; We currently have over 80 reviews on our facebook page, which we are very proud of.

I have an advanced diploma in Dog Behaviour & Training (Accredited) & an advanced diploma in Animal Psychology. (Accredited) and I'm currently working towards a higher qualification which on completion, I will officially be a behaviourist.

I am trained to microchip, and canine first aid trained.

With my on-going strive in personal development, and hands-on experience of working with so many different dogs, my journey learning from dogs will never end. I have enrolled my team in their own behaviour and training courses, too.

We have big plans and ideas for the future, which I can't wait for, and we hope you join us in our further growth of Shropshire Canine Enrichment...


Animals; especially dogs, have been my life in & out of work for as long as i can remember. 
From the little girl insisting on "saving" the spider from my spider-hating friend, to the 30 year old working in Rescue & becoming completely and entirely devoted to animals. In the 4 years of working for a dog rescue centre, I found my passion for helping the misunderstood dogs; the dogs with issues and sometimes just the over-looked dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and enrolled in an accredited advanced diploma in canine behaviour to extend my knowledge to help these dogs the best I could.

At home, we have 7 ex-battery rescue hens, two goats, and a cat. Our dogs are Watson; our beautiful rescue dog, a Rottweiler crossed with a German Shepherd. He alone taught me what behaviour issues some ill-treated dogs can have, including resource guarding and aggression. He was the reason I picked up a book to educate myself in dog psychology, so I could be better and understand him. I can proudly say that he is such an obedient, loving, intelligent dog.  I am very proud of him.

We also have a newbie to the family; Monty the Caucasian Shepherd. "Monty Baby Bear" (as he is used to being referred to mid-cuddle) is 3 years old and bigger and fluffier than a baby grizzly bear. Monty came to us through sad circumstances from close family friends, and after caring for him in our home he ended up staying. He is a gentle giant, completely adorable and loves warm hugs. just as long as you don't mind your hair full of slobber!

Other dogs that have sadly left me behind have been my beautiful old rescue German Shepherd, Bonnie, who had confidence issues from her past life. We didn't have very long together but I think I showed her how beautiful life can be. And there was Snoopy, my shadow, my King Charles spaniel. He lived a long and happy life with us and was such a character.

If you can't tell yet: I prefer dogs to most people. But I love all other animals too, and I'm passionate about their happiness and welfare. I've also volunteered with Cuan House, the fantastic local wildlife rescue.

Rescuing and working with foreign dogs who were facing imminent slaughter in kill shelters. 

Some of these dogs were a complete nervous wreck, with next to no confidence and a non existent trust towards people. They taught me patience and gentle body language, as a form of communicating and get them happy, confident and able to trust people; which, in turn, helped enable them to be rehomed.

"A day in the life of a rescue dog" spending 12 hours locked in a kennel with a stereotyped mastiff. This raised around £3000 for the kennels, and the profile of the dog; and the mastiff found a forever home.

Read the Full Article HERE


Fundraising for dogs in need became important to me, i went on to raising funds for the kennels to give a dog a much needed MRI Scan, funds for kill shelters to transport their dogs to rescues, and today I'm raising funds to build Hope, an exempted dog that lives at Hilbrae, a nice new kennel.